Can Adults Be Diagnosed With Autism?

Though we have known about Autism for a while now, much of it is still misunderstood. The classic form of autism has been known for quite some time, and when someone has it, it is rather obvious. However, the higher functioning type of autism known as Asperger’s is a something that the medical community is just now learning a lot about. It was not understood for a long time, and was often misdiagnosed. Since this condition has not been historically recognized by the medical community for a long time, the question seems to be, “Can adults be diagnosed with autism?”

The answer to that question is yes. However, this can be hard. There are some doctors who do not really think that Asperger’s is a real condition, or they simply do not have the knowledge they need to diagnose a child or an adult. Generally speaking, those with high functioning autism can slip under the radar. Parents might not think there is anything wrong other than their child is a little different. They chalk this up to personality and don’t consider there might be something else going on.

Because high functioning patients with autism often blend in rather well, they might go undetected for a very long time. Others in their life might think they are a little odd, and may find them to be shy or socially awkward. Otherwise, they are intelligent and independent, and seem much like anyone else. They are probably going through their own personal trials however, and may be diagnosed with different mental conditions like depression or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). They probably find that even though they can socialize some, they would rather be alone.

An adult with autism can display many traits that others use to label them as different. These are mostly related to their socialization skills. They often don’t understand humor or double meanings very well. They often talk about inappropriate topics, and repeat themselves quite a lot. They may have nervous tics, and have problems with eye contact. They are also very exacting, but have problems with motor skills and are considered to be clumsy. They also have severe anxiety that bubbles away and surfaces frequently.

If you or someone you know has problems such as these, there may be a chance that they have a form of Autism. Someone who suspects they might have this condition might feel better if they are properly diagnosed, and it might help those around them understand them a lot better. There are some websites that offer tests a person can take online, and there are resources for choosing a doctor.

The first stop might be to go talk to someone. If a doctor will not take the query seriously, it is time to move on to another doctor until one is found who will help. Once diagnosed, there are many groups that offer support and help for those struggling with autism. Can adults be diagnosed with autism? Certainly. Do they have a hard time finding a doctor that will listen? Sometimes, but it’s worth persevering.